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NEW 4/7/21 Dinah Manoff to Publish Debut Novel Summer 2021: Dinah will release her debut adult contemporary novel The Real True Hollywood Story of Jackie Gold this July! The book focuses on Jackie Gold, a tabloid cover girl with a walk-in closet full of secrets, who is at the peak of her career when she jumps from her hotel balcony as it’s stormed by a pack of bloodthirsty paparazzi. From the hospital bed where she lies fighting for her life, Jackie recalls her improbable show business upbringing and the events that led to that moment while the public runs wild with speculation. Now, there’s nothing left to do but reveal secrets and mend (or shatter) relationships. Coming this summer from Star Alley Press. Pre-order details coming soon!

NEW 4/1/21 EmptyNestTV.com’s Matt Browning Talks Empty Nest with Enough Wicker Podcast – Site runner Matt Browning joined Lauren and Sarah from the Enough Wicker Golden Girls rewatch podcast to talk all things Empty Nest! The episode “Empty Nests,” the original pilot episode starring Rita Moreno, is notoriously panned by Golden Girls fans, and Matt, Lauren, and Sarah deep dive into the episode and how it paved the way for Empty Nest. The episode is available now.

Marsha Warfield Returns to TV on Fox’s 9-1-1 – In her first television role in decades, Marsha Warfield guest starred in Fox’s 9-1-1, playing the mother of Aisha Hinds’ character, Hen. The episode aired Monday, March 1, and is available to stream on Hulu.

David Leisure Appears on ABC’s The Goldbergs – David Leisure appeared in the eighth season premiere of ABC’s The Goldbergs in an episode the spoofs the classic film Airplane! The series is set in the 80s and typically uses its season premiere to do a send-up of a film from the decade. David appeared in the original Airplane! The episode debuted Wednesday, October 21. Check out the teaser for the episode below.

6 Empty Nest Episodes Every Golden Girls Fan Should See: Site runner Matt Browning selected six Empty Nest episodes to introduce Golden Girls fans to the show. See which ones made the list here.

Get a Personalized Message from Your Favorite Empty Nester with Cameo: Want a personalized birthday wish from Dinah Manoff? Maybe a “Happy Anniversary” from Marsha Warfield? Three Empty Nest cast members are now on Cameo, the website that lets you request a personalized celebrity message for a friend, loved one, enemy, yourself — whomever. Dinah Manoff, Marsha Warfield, and Lisa Rieffel are all on Cameo! In fact, Matt, who runs the site, turned 40 in October 2020, and Dinah sent a wonderful message! Check it out!