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Here, we take an in-depth look at Empty Nest, including a season-by-season history; profiles of all of the principal characters; a collection of articles and promo materials; and plenty more.

Series History – A season by season guide to the entire show.

Character Profiles – A closer look at your favorite characters – even Dreyfuss!

Articles & Interviews – A collection of press about the show and cast.

Awards – How many Emmys did Empty Nestreceive? Find out here.

Memorable Quotes – Laugh along with some of the show’s best quotes.

Laverne’s Hickory Stories – Head back to Hickory with Laverne!

FAQ – What breed of dog was Dreyfuss? Is the show available on DVD? Find out here.

Did You Know? – A fun collection of Empty Nest trivia.

Goofs – Does Harry speak Spanish or doesn’t he? A list of Empty Nest errors!

Nurses: The Spinoff – We examine the spinoff series.

Related Links – Where to find more Empty Nest info on the Web!