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Articles and Interviews

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Returning to the ‘Nest’ — The Charleston Gazette-Mail in Charleston, W.Va., talks to the creator of Empty Nest Online about the website’s creation and the Return to the ‘Nest’ interview series in this October 2015 story.

Empty Nest: The Show with the Dog — This series overview, written by the webmaster of Empty Nest TV, appeared in the summer 2004 issue of Tellyvision magazine, a Canadian fan magazine devoted to Canadian, American, and British television. 

Empty Nest: Comic Veterans Unite for Another Season — “Richard Mulligan has his share of problems, but Empty Nest is working out just fine” in this Newfoundland Herald cover story from 1989. 

‘Empty Nest’: TV’s Unknown Hit Sitcom — The producer of the top-rated NBC series admits viewers know it as the show that’s on Saturday nights after `The Golden Girls’-the one with the dog. 

TV REVIEWS: “Empty Nest” Looks Like Good Place to Nestle DownThe Los Angeles Times reviews Empty Nest‘s pilot episode. 

One Last Visit Before Leaving the ‘Nest’ Empty — Article regarding the series finale. 

ReviewTV Guide reviews the show; 12/31/88

Season One PreviewTV Guide 10/1/88

Empty Nest Dogged by Hiccups — Shooting is stopped when Dreyfuss gets the hiccups.

Season Three Preview

Renewal Celebration — Kristy and Bear at a party celebrating EN‘s renewal.

Peacock’s ‘Nest’ best in finale — Ratings report regarding final episode.

Report CardTV Guide grades EN‘s fourth season.

NBC sitcoms storm to 2nd sweeps win — Article regarding the ratings of the hurricane crossover episodes.

Ratings Success — Collage of various ratings charts featuring Empty Nest.

You stink! — Kristy responds to a tabloid cover story.

Two for the RoadTV Guide summary for this episode from Season Five. 

Variety Review: “Aunt Verne Knows Best” — Variety reviews this episode from season five, featuring Blossom‘s Joey Lawrence. ***

Picks and Pans Review: Empty Nest — People Magazine gives the show’s pilot episode an “A”! ***

Empty Nest Hits 100 This Season — Production company news release about the fifth season.

Barbara Mandrell, Winner of Nine Peoples’ Choice Awards and a Six-Time Honoree as “Favorite All-Around Female Entertainer,” Guest Stars on “Empty Nest” — Production company news release about the episode “Charley to the Rescue.”

Dreyfuss Unleashed: A Dog’s ‘Tale’ – Reporter “Kitty Kat” interviews Dreyfuss ahead of the fifth season premiere.

Emily Flies Back to the Nest on ‘Empty Nest’ – Official production company press release.

Empty Nest Season 5 Show Description – Official show description from fifth season press kit.

Lisa Rieffel to Join Cast of ‘Empty Nest’ – Official production company press release.

Ratings Winner ‘Empty Nest’ Kicks Off Fifth Season on Saturday, September 19, at 9:00 PM (ET/PT) on NBC — Official production company press release.

Rieffel Helps Fill the ‘Nest’ – Official production company press release.

Tabloid Talk Show Host Geraldo Rivera Noses Into An Appearance on “Empty Nest” – Official production company press release.

“Empty Mess” A MAD Magazine spoof of Empty Nest.

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Cast Member Articles & Interviews

This Belle Raises Hell — Don’t drink the milk at Park Overall’s house! 

Dinah Manoff Directs Father’s ‘Telegrams From Heaven’ 

With An Eye On… — Life wasn’t always a beach for Dinah Manoff. 

Dinah Manoff Knows Full Well To Appreciate ‘Empty Nest’ Benefits — Dinah discusses the highs and lows of fame and her TV movie Maid For Each Other in a 1992 interview. 

Entertainment Tonight: Whatever Happened to Your Favorite TV Stars?ET talks with Dinah Manoff about her past, her pregnancy, and Kristy McNichol’s departure from Empty Nest

She’s in a State of Grace/Empty Nest Alum Returns — These two articles deal with Dinah Manoff’s role in State of Grace

Kristy McNichol article — In excerpts from a 1991 interview, Kristy discusses her career, dating, and what makes Empty Nest such a success. 

It’s Dinah vs. the Dog — And She’s Growling — Page 1 | Page 2TV Guide, June 1989

Girls Will Be Girls — Dinah Manoff and Kristy McNichol are turning into practical jokers on the set.

Down, Not Out — Debilitated by manic-depressive illness, Kristy McNichol temporarily flees Empty Nest. People 1992

Kristy McNichol Wants to Fill Her Empty Nest

On a Roll — Kristy McNichol at a charity bowling event.

The H.E.L.P. Group — Kristy McNichol at charity event for The H.E.L.P. Group

Grease is the Word — Excerpt from People magazine regarding Dinah Manoff and the 20th anniversary of Grease; 4/13/98

It was tough, but Kristy made right call — Letter to Star magazine.

Passage from Aaron Spelling’s book regarding Kristy McNichol

Two for the Road — Kristy and Dinah talented comedy performers

Empty Nest Star Richard Battles Colon CancerThe Globe, 8/9/94

Dead End — Kristy gets nervous on Arsenio Hall.

Comebacks of the Year — Kristy McNichol

Horoscope — The astrological relationship between Richard Mulligan and Kristy McNichol; 1988.

St. Jude fundraiser gala — features Richard Mulligan, Kristy McNichol, Rue McClanahan, others.

To Hell & Back — Kristy McNichol article from People magazine, 4/3/89 — Cover | Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5

Promos & Ads

It’s Full Moon Saturday! — Ad about the Moonlight Madness crossover episodes between EN, GG, and Nurses.
Is it true bachelors have more fun? — Series Premiere ad from TV Guide.
Harry’s Most Dangerous Operation! — Ad from episode “The Mentor” featuring Danny Thomas
Season Three Premiere Ad
Barbara’s dumped by Bea Arthur’s nephew!TV Guide ad about episode “Dumped.”
Dreyfuss dognapped!TV Guide ad about fifth season premiere.
Did Carol kill her therapist?TV Guide ad
A Marriage Proposal — Fly the Coop Contest ad.
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner! — Fly the Coop Contest ad.
Who’s Suing Who?! — Fly the Coop Contest ad.
Series Finale Double Wedding! — Series Finale ad from TV Guide.
Our nest won’t be the same without you — NBC ad regarding the series finale.

Articles About Garth Brooks’ Guest Appearance

Country & Weston — Garth Brooks visits the Westons.
Brooks books Nest nook — Article about Garth Brooks’ guest appearance.
Country’s biggest star fills Empty Nest — Another article about Brooks’ appearance; TV Guide 11-2-91

Magazine Covers & Photos

The Newfoundland Herald Cover — ‘Empty Nest’ Comic Veterans Back for Another Season
Original “Empty”-nesters — Cast photo from TV Guide.
Shape Magazine Cover — Kristy McNichol, June 1989
TV Guide Cover — Richard Mulligan, Kristy McNichol, Dinah Manoff, Dreyfuss; December 1988
TV Weekly Magazine Cover — Kristy McNichol, Richard Mulligan, Dinah Manoff; October 1988
Canadian TV Guide Cover — Dinah Manoff; Canada edition, June 1989