Character Profiles

Character Profiles

Dr. Harry Weston
Learn all about the show’s main character. The widowed pediatrician with a bumbling style is a riot as he copes with bachelor life, a hectic workload and a not-so-empty nest.

Barbara Weston
Police officer Barbara is the fun-loving, financially troubled middle Weston daughter, always upbeat and carefree–unless of course she’s trotting out the door dressed like a hooker for her latest undercover assignment.

Carol Weston
What a nut! Follow neurotic Carol as she goes from job to job, man to man, and nervous breakdown to nervous breakdown. From lonely, needy divorcee to career-minded single mom, it’s a seven-year journey chock full of neurosis.

Charley Dietz
The cruise ship worker who never seems to be away. Skirt-chasing Charley drops by the Weston kitchen on a regular basis to mooch food, grab a beer and trade insults with Carol. He’s sleazy, crude, sex-hungry and dumb as a stump…but he’s part of the family.

Nurse Laverne Todd
Meet Harry’s nurse Laverne Todd, the hard-drivin’ gal with an Arkansas drawl who uses her homespun Hickory wit and pushy personality to get the best of her employer in every situation. From solid-as-a-rock nurse to heartbroken divorcee, there are many sides to this country girl.

Patrick Arcola
At the start of season five, eccentric artist Patrick Arcola goes from the Westons’ shiftless sprinklerman to Carol’s live-in lover, converting the garage, much to Harry’s chagrin, into his apartment and art studio.

Emily Weston
We are introduced to globe-trotting Emily–the youngest and most independent of the Weston girls–when she takes a break from her education to return home for a short while during season five. A sort of modern-day hippie, Harry’s advice and Carol’s nagging don’t make a dent in young Emily’s adventurous lifestyle.

Dr. Maxine Douglas
The grumpy and sarcastic Dr. Douglas prescribes a fresh dose of fun for the show when Harry and Laverne relocate to her struggling, inner-city clinic at the start of season six.

Sophia Petrillo
The wisecracking wit of Sicilian spitfire Sophia Petrillo is added to the show when the irrepressible Golden Girl moves into nearby Shady Pines during season six, dropping by the Weston kitchen regularly for coffee and conversation.

Supporting Characters
This section profiles several of the recurring characters that popped up during the show’s run, including Jeffrey Millstein, Lurlene Moss, Fred and Ursula Dietz, and even Dreyfuss!