The Golden Girls/Nurses Crossovers

The Golden Girls/Nurses Crossovers

This section takes a look at the various crossovers with related shows The Golden Girls and Nurses.

Empty Nest characters on The Golden Girls

Richard Mulligan appeared in three episodes. In “Yokel Hero,” Harry stops by the girls’ house to drop off their mail. In “Sick and Tired, Part 2,” Dorothy visits Harry at the hospital when she is trying to figure out the cause of her illness. And in “Not Another Monday,” the girls consult Harry when the child they are babysitting gets sick.

Kristy McNichol appeared in two episodes. In “Witness,” Sophia reports her missing glasses to the police station, and Barbara stops by to check out the claim. She later returns with Sophia’s glasses and helps nab the dreaded ‘Cheese Man.’ In “A Midwinter Night’s Dream,” Barbara shows up to confront Sophia, who attempted to cause a fight between Barbara and Carol to break a Sicilian curse.

Dinah Manoff appeared in two episodes. In “The Monkey Show,” Carol is on a date with Stan’s psychiatrist, Dr. Halpern, when he is called to the girls’ house to help Stan with a problem. In “A Midwinter Night’s Dream,” Carol invites herself over to Blanche’s full moon madness party.

David Leisure appeared in one episode. In “Questions and Answers,” Dorothy dreams that she is a contestant on Jeopardy against Rose and Charley. David Leisure also appeared in the episode “Empty Nests,” the show’s original pilot, as Oliver.

Park Overall appeared in the episode “Sick and Tired, Part 2,” when Dorothy visits Harry at the hospital.

The Golden Girls characters on Empty Nest

Beatrice Arthur appeared in one episode. In “Dumped,” Barbara dates Dorothy’s nephew and is heartbroken when he dumps her.

Betty White appeared in three episodes. In “Strange Bedfellows,” Rose returns a batch of fliers to Harry after Carol had placed them around the neighborhood. In “Rambo of Neiman Marcus,” Rose takes Harry’s car in for repairs after she accidentally hits it. In “Dr. Weston and Mr. Hyde,” Rose stops by for some advice about romance.

Rue McClanahan appeared in one episode. In “Fatal Attraction,” man-hungry Blanche thinks she is in love with Harry and will not take no for an answer.

Estelle Getty appeared in two episodes before becoming a series regular. In “Libby’s Gift,” she stops by Harry’s house to complain about the noise he is making playing the organ. In “Windy,” she stops by the warn him of the coming hurricane.

Empty Nest characters on Nurses

Richard Mulligan appeared in four episodes. In “Mother, Jugs and Zach” Annie brings her young son by Harry’s office for a doctor’s visit. In “The Eagle Has Landed” Harry stops by the nurses station and meets the new hospital administrator, Casey MacAfee. In “The Bridges of Dade County ” Harry and Casey attempt a date, and in “The Birth of a Marriage” Harry delivers Gina and Hank’s baby.

Dinah Manoff appeared in two episodes. In “Playing Doctor,” Carol stops by the hospital with Dreyfuss, who becomes oddly attached to Sandy after she performed CPR on him during the Westons’ Halloween party. In “Temporary Setbacks,” Carol attends Lamaze class with Hank and Gina.

David Leisure appeared in the episodes “Moon Over Miami,” in which Charley puts the moves on Sandy after bringing a sick date to the hospital, and “Jack’s Indecent Proposal.”

Park Overall appeared in three episodes. In “Son of a Pilot,” Laverne attempts to fix up Sandy. In “Begone with the Wind” she comes in search of food for the pediatric patients during a hurricane. In “In My New Country,” Laverne checks in as a patient to get her webbed toes fixed.

Estelle Getty appeared in the episode “Temporary Setbacks” when Sophia serves as Carol’s coach during Lamaze class.

Nurses characters on Empty Nest

David Rasche appears in the episode “Love and Marriage,” in which Jack Trenton and Charley, both court ordered to do community service at the hospital, attempt to see who can do less work.

Loni Anderson appears in the episodes “Bye Bye Baby…Hello, Part 1,” “Mama Todd, the Sequel,”and “Mother Dearest,” each time to flirt with Harry at the clinic.