Inside Look

Inside Look

Take a closer look at some of Empty Nest’s best!

Do you have a favorite Empty Nest episode? This section examines some of the most popular and endearing episodes of the series. With each show listed, you’ll find the original air date, cast, images, some notes on the episode (interesting trivia that you may not be aware of) and links to articles and promos. We’ve even obtained the official network synopsis and taglines!

Pilot – See how it all began with the show’s very first episode.

A Life in the Day – It’s a day in the life (and a life in the day) of Dr. Harry Weston. Guess which Friends star appears as a patient of Harry’s?

The Mentor – Screen icon Danny Thomas turned in an Emmy-nominated guest appearance in this season three episode. It would be his last on-screen appearance. He died shortly after the episode aired.

Country Weston – Barbara goes on the road…with Garth Brooks! The country music superstar, then a 28-year-old up-and-comer, made his acting debut on Empty Nest.

Windy – Batten down the hatches! It’s Hurricane Saturday with guest star Estelle Getty!

Emily – The youngest Weston daughter returns to the nest! After four and a half seasons offscreen, the character of Emily is introduced when Lisa Rieffel joins the cast in season five.

Aunt Verne Knows Best – Laverne’s nephew moves to Miami but soon regrets his decision to live with his bossy aunt! Blossom star Joey Lawrence guest stars in this season five episode.

The Girl Who Cried Baby – Uh oh! Carol is in labor! Then she isn’t. Then she is again. Then…well, you get the idea. Harry finally becomes a grandfather in this season six episode that features a then-unknown Jane Lynch (Glee).

Life Goes On – See how the show flew the coop with this special section devoted to the final episode. (This section does not feature the official network tagline/synopsis.)