Episode Scripts

Episode Scripts

Read the scripts from some of Empty Nest‘s best episodes!

Episode #58: “Whenever I Feel Afraid” After being mugged at gunpoint, Laverne becomes too fearful to leave her house. Carol and Barbara compete for the attention of an attractive new neighbor. This episode aired during Season 3 and was pivotal in the development of the Laverne character, finally showing her vulnerable side after two seasons of establishing her hard-edged personality.

Episode #60: “The Dog Who Knew Too Much” It’s the two-year anniversary of Carol and Barbara’s move back home, but the celebration is halted when the girls both announce that they’re moving out. Each of the characters pour their hearts out to Dreyfuss in this fun and revealing episode from season 3.

Episode #100: “More to Love” This is the original script for the “More to Love” episode. In this script, which never actually aired as written here, Barbara is having doubts about an overweight coworker taking her to the police department’s Halloween party. Meanwhile, Harry and Laverne hand out candy at her apartment, and Carol and Patrick attend the police department party as Madame Curie and Radium. When Kristy McNichol left the series, the Halloween plots featuring Harry, Laverne, Carol and Patrick were reworked into the episode “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” “More to Love” actually aired later in the season and revolved around Emily, who accompanied Carol’s overweight friend to a high school reunion.

Episode #169 & 170: “Life Goes On” See how Empty Nest flew the coop with the script to the show’s two-part series ender. This link takes you to a section of the page devoted to the show’s final episode, where you’ll find not only the script, but links to photos, ads and articles as well.