Teen Idol Joey Lawrence Guest-Stars as Laverne’s Henpecked & Hog-Tied Nephew on “Empty Nest”

Teen Idol Joey Lawrence Guest-Stars as Laverne’s Henpecked & Hog-Tied Nephew on “Empty Nest”

Laverne Todd’s (Park Overall) over-protective nature forces her visiting nephew Wade Higby (special guest star Joey Lawrence) to keep his distance in “Aunt Verne Knows Best,” a special episode of “Empty Nest.” The episode was written by Ursula Ziegler and Steve Sullivan, and was directed by Steve Zuckerman.

Country kin are reunited when Wade Higby comes to stay with his Aunt Verne for his first year in college. But when Wade takes an interest in extra-curricular activities – specifically, the gal next door – Laverne keeps a very close eye on him; she doesn’t want him to make the same mistake as his older brother, who fell in love and quit college.

Laverne’s well-meaning preening finally drives Wade to the college dorms; but even the “city kids” there give “country boy” Wade a hard time. Disillusioned by these experiences, he decides to quit college and return home. Laverne must somehow convince Wade that he’ll enjoy college, despite all of her earlier efforts.

Meanwhile, Carol (Dinah Manoff) is desperate to “save” her relationship with Patrick (Paul Provenza) as it approaches the critical six-month mark – the longest time she’s dated someone since her divorce.

“Empty Nest” also stars Richard Mulligan, David Leisure and Lisa Rieffel.

“Empty Nest” is a Witt-Thomas-Harris Production in association with Touchstone Television. Paul Witt, Tony Thomas, Susan Harris, Fred Freeman, Lawrence J. Cohen, Arnie Kogen and Robert S. LaZebnik are series executive producers, and Roger Garrett is the co-executive producer. Susan Harris is series creator.

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