Emily Flies Back to the Nest on ‘Empty Nest’

Emily Flies Back to the Nest on ‘Empty Nest’

Emily (Lisa Rieffel), the capricious and unconventional, youngest daughter of Dr. Harry Weston (Richard Mulligan), flocks back to the nest in the “Emily” episode of “Empty Nest.”

According to Lisa Rieffel (“Trials of Rosie O’Neill”), playing Emily is a dream come true. “I love playing Emily because she is such a free spirit – a modern day hippie – and I can relate to that. In fact, I love wearing bell bottoms,” exclaimed Rieffel. She also admitted that working with the “Empty Nest” cast has been one of the highlights of her career. “They’re so incredibly talented and remarkably giving. They made me feel at home from the moment I walked on the set. My first day on the job, Dinah gave me a tour and showed me the ropes, while David cracked jokes to help keep me from being nervous. The whole cast is simply wonderful – I’m having a blast!”

In the episode written by Robert S. LaZebnik and directed by Steve Zuckerman, Emily looks for some stability in her life after erratically attending college, travelling abroad and breaking up with her most recent boyfriend, a rich Italian ship builder. She unexpectedly returns home to be with her father, sister Carol (Dinah Manoff) and Carol’s new boyfriend, Patrick (Paul Provenza).

Emily soon discovers there is no calm in the house of the Westons, when Carol tries to help her baby sister forget her man troubles by setting her up with a sensible, secure man. After her wealthy ex-boyfriend pays a visit to the Westons and begs Emily to marry him, Carol becomes frustrated by the fact that her big-sisterly advice is worthless to worldly Emily.

In the meantime, Harry is thrilled to finally have his baby home again, but Emily’s impulsive and unorthodox lifestyle definitely test his protective fatherly convictions. Emily’s return also strikes a jealous nerve with Carol, who realizes she is no longer the lone woman and center of attention at the Weston home.

Since the series’ inception in 1988, Emily has been referred to on several different occasions, but has not previously been seen.

“Empty Nest” also stars Kristy McNichol, Park Overall, David Leisure and Bear as the loveable family dog Dreyfuss.

“Empty Nest” is a Witt/Thomas/Harris Production in association with Touchstone Television. Paul Witt, Tony Thomas, Susan Harris, Fred Freeman, Lawrence J. Cohen, Arnie Kogen and Robert S. LaZabnik are the executive producers. Roger Garrett is the co-executive producer and Susan Harris is the creator.

Touchstone Television is a part of Walt Disney Pictures and Television.


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