Character Profiles: Emily Weston

Character Profiles: Emily Weston

Harry’s youngest daughter, Emily, is a free-spirited wanderer who spends the bulk of the series away at college before returning home for a while during season five. She is quickly established as an adventurous globe-trotter who has traveled all over the world. Stopping by the house after a stay in Vietnam, Harry persuades her to stick around.

If one word would describe Emily, it would probably be “independent.” She isn’t too quick to conform to Harry’s fatherly ways when arriving, and he is somewhat surprised at the 23-year-old’s actions yet respects her right to make her own decisions. No matter what she does (staying out until 4 a.m. or even putting college on hold and going to Vietnam without alerting the family), Emily always manages to stay on Harry’s good side and can almost get away with anything. Harry even finds it cute when she calls him by his first name instead of “Daddy.”

Despite being a little mischievous, Emily does have a level head on her shoulders. She is a sort of mix between her two sisters: fun and free-spirited like Barbara and intelligent like Carol. Her worldy travels have given her an ability to speak several languages.

Emily’s cheerful disposition and seemingly perfect life tend to depress Carol, who calls Emily the “personal pet project of God.” Carol looks down on Emily’s fun-loving lifestyle, saying that she is the baby of the family and doesn’t know any better, and often tries to instill in her a higher sense of maturity. But self-assured Emily isn’t thwarted by her big sister’s nagging. Emily’s brief time on the show doesn’t give the character a chance to truly develop. By the start of season six, she is off to school again.

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