Character Profiles: Patrick Arcola

Character Profiles: Patrick Arcola

Struggling artist/sculptor Patrick Arcola is introduced at the start of season five as the Westons’ sprinklerman. Harry, who is annoyed by Patrick right from the start, isn’t thrilled when Patrick announces that he and Carol are dating. When his apartment is condemned, Carol persuades Harry to let her new boyfriend move into the garage, which becomes his new home and art studio.

With his hole-filled jeans and faded T-shirts, Patrick appears to be the opposite of Carol. But with his eccentric wisdom, deep insights and profound sculptures, it isn’t hard to see the compatibility between the two. The relationship does have its problems, most of which are caused by the overreactions of neurotic Carol. At times the two make a hilarious comedy team, most notably when Carol persuades Patrick to go along with her unusual ideas, such as attending a Halloween party dressed as Madame Curie and Radium, with Patrick in a skin-tight neon green suit.

Harry, who always sees Patrick as a good-for-nothing bum, is ever hopeful that Carol will dump him. His wish comes true at the start of season six when she realizes that Patrick is never going to grow up. But after throwing him out, she discovers that she is pregnant with his child. Their final attempt to make things work falters and Carol decides to end the relationship for good and raise the baby by herself.

Patrick packs his bags for Paris and isn’t seen again.

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