Character Profiles: Nurse Laverne Todd

Character Profiles: Nurse Laverne Todd

Laverne Todd is Harry Weston’s hard-edged, opinionated nurse who never hesitates to speak her mind. She’s stubborn, bossy and must be in complete control of every aspect of her life. Her “always right” attitude is a constant source of irritation to Harry, who despite being Laverne’s boss is never really the one in charge at the office.

Laverne runs everything around the office, from organizing the books to signing her own paychecks. According to Harry, it’s like it’s her office, and she lets him stop by and practice a little medicine. She may be tough as nails, but Laverne is without a doubt a dedicated nurse who’ll do anything to make sure that her employer is happy. Harry and Laverne talk tough, but everyone knows better. Here and there, a soft side of Laverne does break through, such as when she is afraid to leave her house after getting mugged. But she always bounces back as strong as ever.

Born and raised in the small town of Hickory, Arkansas, Laverne possesses a sly Southern wit, as well as a thick Southern accent. Much to the chagrin of those around her, Laverne often tells off-the-wall stories about the eccentric folks of Hickory, everyone from Tater Norton to the Horseless Headman. Despite their strangeness, her anecdotes almost always contain some profound life lesson.

At series start, Laverne is happily married to minor league baseball player Nick Todd. As is normal in a sitcom, the relationship does have its ups and downs but remains usually solid. That is until Nick is traded to a Japanese team, where he meets another woman and leaves Laverne. This is another instance in which her vulnerable side takes over. It takes her a little time to adjust to being a single woman, but before long she’s back in the dating game. During the last season, Laverne begins a relationship with her childhood friend, Matt Kane, a successful doctor in her hometown. The couple marry in the series finale and move back to Hickory, with Laverne planning to work with Matt as his nurse. 

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